вторник, 1 декабря 2009 г.

The Creative Cross Stitch Challenge #1

I'd like to show the first part of the Creative Cross Stitch Challenge. I used evenweave white fabric, red satin floss DMC and crinoline ( or buckram?) for decoration. And finally I've got small bag )) Now there is a botttle of glue, but it's temporarily. I hope that I'll find some time and buy small chocolate to put it in. )

And one picture closer and with flash

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  1. Smila I love your heart in a bag. It's very pretty. I think that it is the best. The prize is yours!!!
    I love your blog too. Congratulations
    Besos desde el Sur de España: a little hotter that San Petersburgo :-)))

  2. oh, Carmela, thank you very much!
    My blog is very young, cause my usual place is there http://smilla24.livejournal.com/
    But now I will write here.
    Some years ago I tried to learn Spanish)
    tu lengua es muy hermosa!
    sorry for possible mistakes) one of my wishes is to visit Espana)